Purpose of Establishment
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The Global Leaders School opens its door to students in 2010 to make superior students into global leaders, who will contribute to the development of KNU in the future. The goal of education in GLS is E. G. Leadership, which is an acronym for Elite education, Global education, and Leadership education. With the three goals of education, GLS focuses on the following four factors.
First, GLS have proper management system and services for GLS students, especially for some students have not been able to show their potential. Global Leaders School can make great strides with adequate investment, management, and high quality of education for the gifted.

Second, GLS students will be exposed in a variety of subjects in order to develop flexible thinking. This will help GLS students to broaden their perspective and promote critical thinking. It is not advisable to accept existing information without “critical thinking”, and students need to have their own conviction, based on their knowledge gained from various accumulated experiences.

Third, it is important for GLS students to design their own major and to set their clear goal. GLS students will be capable of handing for themselves and undertaking tasks on their own major through specialized programs with academic advisors in GLS.

Four, curricula in the GLS are designed to help students to be competent in their future careers. There are many attributes involved in becoming a global leader: independence, broad and diverse viewpoints, commitment, leadership, communication skills, and other things. With the establishment of the GLS, all GLS students can take a close look at their future careers and prepare themselves to be true global leaders.

We trust that the future is in the hands of GLS students who not only combine knowledge with originality but also possess deep concerns for their contributions to the growth of humanity and human civilization.
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